Live Free or Die? The New Hampshire Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bill

Live Free or Die? The New Hampshire Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bill

 The New Hampshire legislature is attempting to ram a ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation Bill through in an attempt to let anyone with a grudge against a gun owner have their door kicked in at 4 am.

What? You say that’s not what it’s going to do? Well, that is how it will work if it ever becomes law. Because the penalty for making a false accusation is a B-grade misdemeanor, compared to the felony-level charge for not complying with the order. So the angry significant other, spiteful ex, social justice warrior teacher/social worker/barista have little to fear by calling the hotline to report ‘an unstable individual who may be a danger to themselves or others’.

And when facing a known armed individual, the PD typically don’t call ahead for an appointment. SOP involves smashing the front door off of the hinges when the occupants of the home are asleep, shooting the dog and holding the residents at gunpoint. If the homeowner manages to get off a shot at what he may rightly assume are home invaders, the odds are that he or she won’t survive the encounter. This happened after Maryland passed their ‘Red Flag’ law and a man was killed in his doorway because he got into an argument with his niece during Thanksgiving dinner. True story.

Assuming everyone is still alive when the guns are secured, the PD will dump them in the back of a van in a big pile and haul them off to the property room where they will sit until the owner can remedy the situation via their attorney. So if you happen to have a $50,000 Holland and Holland, or a $75,000 Colt Gatling Gun, you can rest assured that it won’t be returned in the condition in which it was taken. Oh – and you’d better get your door fixed. And call a lawyer.

So, just because some disaffected yo-yo in your life decides to use the ‘I’ll show them’ hotline you could get killed, have your home broken into, your dog killed, your property taken, and your privacy invaded down to the DNA level without any semblance of due process or risk to the accuser. These are not hypothetical scenarios – this happens in the US on a daily basis.

Inviting this sort of nonsense into a state that prides itself on the ‘Live Free or Die’ motto runs counter to everything we supposedly stand for. New Hampshire does not have a gun problem. We have an  opiod epidemic that needs our attention, and wasting our time on establishing a mechanism to use against those whom we have a political disagreement is wrong on so many levels.

Passage of this law will only put firearms in less-secure locations, when owners realize that they’d best not leave all of their guns in that safe or locked closet. Better put one out in the barn, or in the old car out back, or under the dock or in the flowerbed. Because people aren’t obligated to follow unjust laws, in fact they have a duty to resist them. If the New Hampshire legislature passes this law, they will find that the majority of their constituents will not comply.

Mechanisms are in place to allow a confiscation order to be issued with a warrant after a Judge has reviewed the evidence. Eliminating this due process, which ensures that the rights of the accused are maintained, keeps us from sliding ever closer to the rule of fear.

Please contact your representative and ask them to oppose this legislation.