built by americans

Each of our rifles is hand built in New Hampshire

built for freedom

U.S. Rifle  supports the right to bear arms for all.

built for you

We offer custom rifle builds, tailored for you.

about u.s.

At U.S. Rifle, we put our hard-earned experience into every firearm we deliver to our customers. We’ve spent our time in the field and on the range, teaching, learning and seeing first hand what fails and what makes a gun great. That energy, which we have harnessed to design and manufacture rifles and handguns for top tier brands, is what separates us from other companies.  

We manufacture or source components from reputable US suppliers and stand behind the final product.  Our rifles and rifle uppers carry a 1MOA accuracy guarantee, with quality ammunition and a qualified shooter. Whether you need your gun for your next patrol shift, the 3-gun season, a coyote hunt or to protect your home, U.S. Rifle is proud to put the right firearm in your hands.

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